Where Kings Dwell

empowering believers by the help of the holy spirit.

Who We Are

We all at Palace of Faith Miracle Church aka Kings dwelling welcomes you as you fellowship with us in person and in the spirit. We are excited to have you onboard this flight of salvation. ACT 20:28

At Kings dwelling we care about humanity, following the leading of the Holy Spirit which is the spirit of love and by examples Jesus showed us in scriptures. ACT 20:35

The world right now is at an unstable place where many are confused, but there is the word of God with the capacity to save, deliver and transform. Distance is not a barrier, we bring you the life saving word. PSALMS 16:8-11

make a life changing decision today

Want a new experience in Jesus?

Get ready to have a new experience as a believer of the christian faith. We will introduce you to the person of the Holy Spirit who will reveal all truth to you. We are happy to be part of your christian experience. ROMANS 10:9-10

God answers prayers always

We believe that God answers prayers as the Holy Spirit in our gathering has confirmed this with life transforming miracles yet and again. Send in your prayer request in faith and watch God do the impossible for you. PHILIPPIANS 4:6